Let’s look at what visual brand represents and why you should invest in it

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Take away #1. Branding is your ambassador, and should always go out well presented.

A point of recognition

Your branding constitutes pretty much all you are in the minds of your potential customers. Until a prospect has become a customer he or she is most unlikely to have a real view on what you are and how you do business. In the long sales pipelines of B2B procurement, it’s probably a good idea to have a strong, repeatable, recognizable and relevant visual brand.

Take away #2. Branding is for good lead generation

A mouthpiece for your company

If you are researching as a B2B buyer, how easy is it to find what you are searching for? Not easy, in fact it’s confusing, time consuming and therefore frustrating. That’s why when you discover an offer that is clear, welcoming and consistent, you are likely to be drawn to that one over its competitors.

Take away #3. Branding helps challengers in crowded markets shine out.

Offers you the chance to change people’s minds

Sometimes you operate in a challenged or crowded category: think of the second-hand car market: Sometimes there is a hill to climb before people will even listen. Branding is your opportunity to find out what real difference you can make in people’s lives, and market towards that. ‘Emotional Brand Marketing’ is one of the tools to help you approach the market in new and challenging ways to gain recognition and credibility.

Take away #4. Merger is easier when everyone is on board

Merger and acquisition made clearer

Creating added value or reducing risk in markets through acquisition is nothing new. But does the old company offering really reflect that new combined force? And what is that new combined force anyway? Are people involved really sure what they now are, how they should act, and their true value to their customers? Branding which comes from the inside first really helps outward messages meet customer expectations and can go a long way to help the transition from comfy old slippers to shiny new trainers.

Take away #5. Branding helps in the age of communications overload

It’s a fickle digital world these days…

Potential customers researching new initiatives are in a hurry. TMI (too much information) is a real problem for online positioning and selling. Branding, done well, is how you define and refine brand messages, and then keep them eternally simple, so that customers understand at a glance, then are constantly reminded of, your product or service, IN AN INSTANT.

Take away #6. Branding is the start of a journey to the top of your game

Humans and perceived value

Turns out, we prefer the top brand. If we own a pen knife, one day we will get a Victorinox. If we go running, one day we will be able to afford a pair of Brooks. If we love fashion, only (insert your brand here) will do. Brands surround us, we use them as part of our understanding of the world. Babies as young as 3 demonstrate a brand preference.

Brands are the human interface to business.

If you can become your sector category’s brand leader, you will be able to charge more, you will be able to retain more customers and you will make it harder for competitors to catch up. Creating a powerful brand has to start by defining what that brand is and what it means.

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