Yellowbrand is in the business of bringing your brand to life, visually.

So it seems obvious we should make you a nice looking website.

Website build in Havant and Portsmouth

Using easy to operate tools we’ll design and build a site to your new brand ID, then provide simple instructions for you to maintain it. We can work with very limited input from you if needed. Our on-hand experts include writers, photographers and illustrators.


Have a look at these examples.

Karen Murray Business Coach

Karen’s identity was first brought to life in this disciplined theme. We built the framework of this site to the new brand guidelines we created, after which the client has written and added podcasts and photos all herself.

Salt Café

After redesigning the logo and defining their colours and typefaces, we made this low budget, high impact site entirely from “found objects” a mish mash of old photos and snippets of video they had lying around.

Stop Domestic Abuse

Stop Domestic Abuse needed to hit the ground running after new brand launch in 2017. We quickly put together a conceptual but highly usable framework. Stop Domestic Abuse staff maintained it and added new content until a full strip down and rebuild in Autumn 2022.

No SEO consultant.  No <code>.  No ‘frameworks’.  No ‘onboarding’.  No scrum.  No developers, UI or ‘experience’ consultants. No mumbo jumbo.

No smoke, no mirrors.

Just really good-looking websites, on any device, done quickly and on any budget, and built around your own branding framework, while being maintained forever by you

The problem with websites has always been – websites. Cloaked in mystery, inaccessible to most humans; prohibitively the most expensive emperor’s new clothes.

Welcome to web3 – effective DIY websites.

There are several great self build technologies available, and the one at the top of the pile is Squarespace.

Reasonably priced, so simple even your dad could work it, and always beautiful, these guys have finally figured us (users) out.

Now, anyone can make a squarespace website, so why would Yellowbrand offer it as a service?

Well there are a few remaining hurdles or barriers to success.

Here’s a little list.

Why would you ask a professional to build you a Squarespace site?

  • Learning curve. Ok it’s really easy but to take it all in at once could use a fair amount of bandwidth, and I know you entrepreneurs already have too much to do.
  • Layout. Layout? Surely the machine does that? Sadly not quite. It controls your elements but you still have to choose those elements. You know like a pasta carbonara – anyone can do one but somehow you know a professional chef’s going to make it nicer.
  • Time. Did i say time already? Possibly hinted at it. When you use a professional, that professional is going to finish it as soon as possible so they can send an invoice (albeit a small one).

If you you are anything like the author here, you’ll know ‘projects’ get abandoned or half done. Yep. Use someone who knows their way about.

  • Delivering your brand. Yellowbrand is in the business of creating brands and it seems sensible to allow the first horse out of the stable to be properly dressed.
  • Tricks and tips. It’s a pretty big animal. Using someone who has made a few sites will know how to jump to the solution without all the research.
  • Flexibility. The architecture is a broad as you want it to be. The basic packages are very good, but as you expand, getting bolt ons is as easy as pi.
  • Cookies, SSLs, domains, etc. All that techy stuff is automatically included and spelt out in layman’s terms and dad-usability.
  • Cost. It’s just cheaper to engage us to do the work than stopping you from working. You are great at what you do! Also It is so much cheaper to build in Squarespace than old skool developer/designer and the results are more reliable.
  • Value to cost ratio. You want to sell the business? Change the product? Move to another country?  All cool, just stop paying and the site goes offline. No five-year to ten-year payback to worry about. The smaller initial layout means easier long term choices.

Websites take about four weeks from briefing and prices start from £850

Website build in Havant and Portsmouth