Creating a brand from a commodity

How a fresh approach can change the way you do business


‘A new way of thinking about power’

Wireless power is the way we will charge all our personal devices one day. No more wires, no more power depletion due to being on the move. When this is established we will no longer worry about leaving the house full of charge, because we will simply set our devices down at our desk, at the café or on the train, and they will consume a small amount of power – a power snack.

Where is wireless power?

For a decade we’ve seen our toothbrush rest on its base and charge, but few knew it was installed in some mobile handsets as early as 2012. Now Apple have shipped the iPhone 8, AirPods and Watch with Qi Standard wirelessly-transmitted power, it’s probably about to take off.

But there’s a problem: Until wireless power base stations are everywhere, what’s the point? In early 2014 a pioneering Portsmouth Tech Company decided they could fix this situation and called us in to work out how.

The problem was awareness

No one knew about wireless power, not even the assistants in phone shops. So, how to create an awareness of not just the brand, but the category?

The solution was awareness

Our answer was create a brand for wireless power and talk about its advantages, and tie the company in to that awareness. Think of a Hoover and you think of vacuum cleaners, yet Hoover make all kinds of white goods.

Category definition: “My hoover is a Dyson.”

You see, if a product owns the category, it’s brand stands proud. In America they don’t dispatch, they FedEx. This is a vital lesson for really NEW technologies coming to market.

Creating a name

The source of the naming was the customer mindset of a mobile device super user – the kind of person who will most benefit from more and continuous power. When he is fully charged, he has his Super Power. Obviously to be distinct and to register the trademarks, it was important to brand that up, hence SupaPowa.

A distinctive mark

The brand mark of ‘Dancing Hearts’ both signifies the transmission of power ‘love’ and is also formed of a negative space S – just like Superman.

Meaningful tag

In asking people to think about it we suggested it gave them “Wireless Personal Power”. We discovered Social property and URL that were unused – #supapowa and Very simple, very memorable.

Over 6 months we created the complete market ready brand package including strategy, naming, graphics and social property, the messaging, the website, a press launch at Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower, packaging, publicity, promotional items and events branding.

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The concept is currently dormant, however we think this idea will come back to life, one day soon.