People buy what they buy into.

So together we will position your business; like a ‘Rock in the Mind’* of your customers.


A great communications strategy needs people-focussed, consistent communications and activities. Yellowbrand can create and develop a big idea, then continue to communicate that as simple messages. In a world where people engage with so much yet so little, your message has to be the simplest and strongest possible.

Branding is a human story about your business.


No such thing as green fields any more

Whatever you sell or to whom, there are many options available to your customer – many possible alternatives to solve their problem, so focussing communications on features and details (that’s how you’ve been told to do B2B comms, right?) is bound to increase competitive forces. Your company is so much more than its capability; you may be uniquely skilled, placed or priced, or have an attitude that is very different. It is extremely unlikely you will have an exact competitor. 

Create your own human story: Introducing the Business Growth Script

Not much blue sky either

Too many companies think that branding requires a creative ‘brainstorm’ or ‘concept’ – that old “blue sky thinking”. However, clearly communicating truthfully – from the heart – is more likely to resonate with your customers. Yellowbrand® and Business Story ScriptTM creative messaging workshops provide a structured approach to the creative process, and one that is proven and effective. Please ask for a FREE consultation to find out what it means.

Stories cut through

You must create stories about your business so that any potential customer ‘understands without reading’. Sounds simple, essentially it is, but it’s not easy from inside the company. This is where a communications consultant like Yellowbrand can help. You manage your business, we can help you talk about it.

Find out what we have done and for whom.

Know what you really are, then you can talk about it

Not the boardroom view from the inside – features, processes and plans – that is of no interest to customers at all. You must understand the view from the outside. That may seem simple, but from observation, our customers’ number one problem is “I don’t know what I am, or how to say it”.

Internal ‘fuzziness’ conceals clarity


Cut to the chase: Is your current branding really working for you?

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