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We’re based in Havant, Hants, so for businesses in the Hampshire and West Sussex area, we can offer a great deal on repositioning and rebranding*


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We branded long-partnership client M-Flow in 2012 when it formed, and now having grown and developed its time to show off. We created visual branding, messaging and a complex responsive web site to bring the message home.


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Visual of responsive web design for M-Flow Technologies

Branding is about the most cost effective tool for rapidly improving your business

For every business in every phase of the business life cycle, Yellowbrand® makes branding more effective, less complex and less costly.

Benefits of a strong branding strategy

The known benefits of creating a powerful, compelling and consistent brand are well documented:

  • Enabling recognition and recall
  • Explaining your essential benefits
  • Creating brand personality, and trust
  • Reducing customer attrition to competitors
  • Easing personal recommendation and therefore selling
  • Finally a powerful brand identity is essential in today’s fast moving digital selection and purchasing behaviors.

Branding closes deals

A company’s brand is one of its most valuable assets. Executed well, branding will provide potential customers all they need to make the decision to  make an inquiry. When combined with consistent behaviour and strong evidence, a strong brand – clearly articulated benefits, known outcomes, good references and social evidence, can actually close deals.

While many companies deliver excellent product, those that make the fact clear on the outside are less common. The process of creating a repeatable branding framework is how core competencies become manifest. It takes time and effort, and requires ongoing maintenance, but starts with a simple unshakeable statement of what the brand is and where it is going.

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The B2B false belief

If you’re in B2B markets you will have heard the expression “Branding is for B2C” and have ignored calls and some evidence that suggests otherwise.

Branding is as powerful for B2B as it is for B2C.

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